A Note From The Curator

It has been my utmost pleasure, as a college-aged reader, in the last few weeks to find myself entrusted with the keys to this historic institution, and to pick through the archives to find those pieces which most succinctly embody all that PN Review believes itself to be.

I hope that as these articles and poems are reintroduced over the coming months, you will agree with me that, through many years, and many forms, PN Review has remained a bastion of intellectual rigour and new, interesting work since 1973.

To quote the very first issue, when PN Review was called Poetry Nation, for I believe it still holds true, confronted with the ‘variety and rich potential of new poetic modes, there is a renewed popularity of formal writing, combined with a refusal to surrender catholicity and assume the too readily available stance of the embattled poet or critic’ at the core of this journal. We are driven by this idea of the intrinsic and immutable value of both criticism and poetry which refuses to limit itself creatively in a search for a wider readership, and of our collective responsibilities to a ‘vital linguistic and formal heritage, to a living language, to a living community’.

-Ronan McAuliffe, Inaugural Curator of the PN Review Blog

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