The Latin Poetry of Englishmen by Richard Stoneman

Richard Stoneman, a leading Classics scholar In the modern day, the language barrier is often seen only as a hindrance to total harmony, in contrast to the medieval English opinion that, in fact, poetry in Latin was equal if not superior to poetry in the mother tongue of its author. From this unusual situation arose […]

Aspects of Kafka by John Pilling

Franz Kafka John Pilling Kafka is one of the most inventive geniuses of our age, and yet his personal life belies the truth about our society’s treatment of those who could truly enrich it with their ideas. Franz Kafka lived a life of consecutive and unending tragedy, repetitive and brutal torment, ending with the contraction […]

Listen. This is the Noise of Myth by Eavan Boland

Eavan Boland, alongside often submitting to PN Review, has published with Carcanet many times Boland tells the story of another story, as it is told to a community. This meta narrative is developed throughout the poem but the reader is never allowed to sink too deeply into the story, with constant reminders to “listen”, or […]

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