The 250th Issue of PN Review

In November this journal will reach the milestone of 250 issues, and in order to celebrate this we will be releasing one piece of poetry, criticism or journalism each week from the 46-year back catalogue which continues to exemplify PN Review's conviction that poetry, at its best, is enactive, and what it does matters more [...]

Adam Long Trigger Warning

Review: Sean O'Brien, Europa (Picador) £9.99 In PN Review 242, Adam Long reviewed Sean O'Brien's Europa in an analysis of O'Brien's ninth collection. In his ninth collection of poems, Europa, Sean O’Brien’s ‘tackles England and its relationship with Europe through their tangled history and into the uncertain future’, and ranges impressively from the legacy of the [...]

Rubber Stamps: Michael Augustin on his Visual Poems

By Michael Augustin A pair of scissors, a tube of glue, carton paper and a photocopy machine – such have been my beloved tools since I had moved from my old black and white fine line drawings to the fantastic field of collage. Readers of PN Review may remember samples of my work printed along with poems or essays by [...]

Silence and Breathing

In this week's post from the PN Review archive we are sharing a poem by David Andrew . For more great poetry be sure to check out our website and Twitter for regular updates. … the subjects of literature in the finalanalysis are fairly limited, it’s essentiallyall about either betrayal or about loveor good luck.              – [...]

In Conversation: Alan Hollinghurst and John Fuller

Alan Hollinghurst: I was noticing some numerical coincidences. The first poems in your first book (Fairground Music, 1961) you wrote when you were seventeen in 1954, the year I was born. Then I met you when I was seventeen and became your pupil the following year and began to write under your encouragement. I think it was the time of Cannibals and [...]

Light from Dusty Papers: R.S Thomas

A report by Sheila Savill In PN Review 196, Sheila Savill's report on 'work still in progress' , explored the illuminating ways in which official records such as census returns and registers of births marriages and deaths, could help to enhance our understanding of the life and writings of R.S. Thomas. The realisation that no [...]

Poems and Poesies by Les A. Murray

In Murray's own words, this essay 'examine[s] the mental constituents of the poetic experience and found that experience to arise from a fusion of forebrain and hindbrain thinking, that is to say, of waking mentation and that characteristic of dreaming or reverie.' This article is taken from PN Review 59, Volume 14 Number 3, January - February 1988. [...]

Talks to John Ashbery: The Boyhood of John Ashbery, as interviewed by Mark Ford

Mark Ford interviewed John Ashbery for PNR to discuss his childhood, starting all the way from the beginning. This interview is taken from PN Review 150, Volume 29 Number 4, March - April 2003. John Ashbery (1927-2017) published with Carcanet 35 times. MARK FORD: I thought we might start chronologically: you were born on 28 July 1927. [...]

Three Poems by Thom Gunn

Gunn is here at his most brutal, his most perceptive and his most disarmingly beautiful, taking no unnecessary affectations into his destructive verse as he describes an explosively emotional story in the cool terms of one who realises the power of verbal scarcity, belying the great depth of sadness that seems to animate so much [...]

Four Poems by Ted Hughes

Hughes binds together the typically disparate images of youthful vandalism, pleasant rural landscapes and the deafening stink of the big city with the opening and closing motif of thrown stones, that playful, joking violence. This poem is taken from PN Review 5, Volume 5 Number 1, October - December 1978. 'Under the world's wild rims. [...]

Dirge for Four Mexican Jumping Beans by Margaret Newlin

Surrealism can bring such joy into the sound and sheer performance of language that at PN Review we have included exceptional examples of it since the journal's very inception, what follows is just one example of the exuberance with which surrealist imagery can imbue words. This poem is taken from Poetry Nation 6 Number 6, 1976. What [...]

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